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The Lark Timeline

Monthly Meeting of the Minds

with playwrights Diane Exavier, Kendra Ann Flournoy, Heather Raffo, Ren Dara Santiago, and juliany taveras

facilitated by Nissy Aya and Suzy Fay

Monthly Meeting of the Minds is an intimate writers' group that annually serves six writers over a ten-month residency. Participants gather in intensive, private sessions to share work-in-progress with each other around a table without guests or actors. Sessions are led by two facilitators, who moderate conversation and questions about the work at the discretion of each writer.

Monthly Meeting of the Minds is designed as a resource for playwrights who desire an informal and ongoing support system over the course of a yearlong time frame, either for multiple projects or a single project that could benefit from a long-term, in-depth process.