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Playwrights' Center: Empowering Directors and Playwrights

Keynote Speaker:
Daniel Alexander Jones

May Adrales, Kareem Fahmy, Miranda Haymon, Heather Raffo, Rhiana Yazzi, and Chay Yew

Jeremy B. Cohen

Empowering Directors and Playwrights: A summit for theater practitioners on creation, collaboration, and communication.

March 31st, 1pm-5pm CDT

In this 4-hour virtual summit, playwrights and directors across the nation gather together to imagine a more inclusive and aspirational American theater. The director and the playwright are the leaders in the rehearsal room. How do they forge collaborative bonds and understand each other’s processes? How do playwrights assess a director’s work and find the right collaborators and vice versa? And in this time of radical restructuring, how can we empower more BIPOC theatre artists in their creative processes? Can playwrights and directors use their visions to enact much-needed change in the field?

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