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Playwrights' Week 2012

Playwrights' Week 2012

Meet the Writers

Mon., Sep. 24 @ 7pm

hosted by Morgan Jenness

The writers read excerpts from their work and mingle at our opening night reception.



by Andrew Rosendorf

directed by Kristin Horton

Wed., Sep. 26 @ 7pm
An estranged brother returns home years after causing his sister to become paraplegic and is forced to confront his actions as well as his sister’s budding sexuality.



by Chris Weikel

directed by Samuel Buggeln

Thu., Sep. 27 @ 3pm
A teenager must deal with the constant humiliation of the school bully, his changing ideas of who he is sexually and creatively, and try to balance his relationship between his real-world best friend and the increasingly intrusive fictional characters he’s created to help him through the day.



by Kyle Warren

directed by Danny Sharron

Thu., Sep. 27 @ 7pm
As cataclysm looms, six New Yorkers’ lives intersect, leading a power-hungry aide, a struggling author and an outspoken journalist to uncover a devastating series of lies.



by Corinna Schulenburg

directed by Shelley Butler

Fri., Sep. 28 @ 3pm
Jabber tells us what happens to legendary con artists Denny and Lila when an Alabama con goes wrong.


by Anna Moench

directed by Robert Ross Parker

Fri., Sep. 28 @ 7pm
In the sandy hills of China’s Loess Plateau, a farming couple mourns the death of their only son. Their search for an illegal afterlife bride is complicated by the fact that before his death their son committed an act of horrifying violence, leaving them outcasts in their community.


by Briandaniel Oglesby

directed by Lisa Rothe​

Sat., Sep. 29 @ 3pm
Sheila must drive her troubled adoptive son, Nate, to Nebraska before the sunset of the Safe Haven law which permits parents to abandon their children at hospitals to become wards of the state.



by Lauren Gunderson

directed by Sean Daniels

Sat., Sep. 29 @ 7pm
Based on the true history of Hamlet’s genesis; science and fiction converge when a Nobleman and a Prince end up as grad school roommates.