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Playwrights' Week 2015

Playwrights' Week 2015


Meet the Writers

Sunday, October 4 at 7pm

moderated by Beth Blickers​

A panel conversation featuring excerpts from each of the plays, followed by a kickoff reception and a chance to mingle with the playwrights.

People Sitting in Darkness

Monday, October 5 at 3pm

by Clarence Coo

In this adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” set in the early twentieth century, a small town in the occupied Philippines prepares to stage a performance of “Huckleberry Finn” for their American colonizers. But insurgents have infiltrated the rehearsals–with plans to commit an act on opening night that will change the course of history.

The Ghosts of Lote Bravo

Monday, October 5 at 7pm

by Hilary Bettis

In Juárez, Mexico, the most violent city in the world, Juanda’s daughter goes missing from the sweatshop they work in. When the crooked policia refuse to help, Juanda's only hope is to ask the dark saint, La Santa Muerte, to guide her. Charging through dreams and visions, Juanda must risk everything if she ever hopes to see her daughter again.

Nothing Left to Burn

Tuesday, October 6 at 7 pm

by Adi Hanash and Patrick Vassel

“This is a love story. Unlike most love stories, this one ends with me setting myself on fire.”

A young man sets himself ablaze in rural Tunisia, setting off a wave of revolution in the Middle East. As it turns out, the political is personal, and the Arab Spring began (as so many springs before it) with a love story.  In the end, is that love worth it? And does revolution just bring us back to the same place we started?

Moon Man Walk

Wednesday, October 7 at 3pm

by James Ijames

Bookish and introverted Monarch’s world is rocked by the news of his mother’s sudden death. In the wake of her passing, Monarch learns the truth about his absent father. As he prepares for his mother’s funeral he meets an effervescent young woman who shows him love, and takes him on a journey literally to the Moon and back.

Abominable or The Misappropriation of Beverly Onion by Forces Beyond her Control

Wednesday, October 7 at 7pm

by Katie May

When Luck and Fate make a wager to finally prove who is the more powerful force in the universe, the life of Beverly Onion, the world’s loneliest mortician’s assistant, becomes the medium for their contest. From speed dating, to a penthouse apartment, to trekking across Nepal, Beverly is sent on a journey to discover her destiny (and an unlikely soulmate), in a play that explores the power of loneliness and the inevitability of fate (with plenty of references to Star Wars along the way).

Human Error

Thursday, October 8 at 3pm

by Eric Pfeffinger

Madelyn and Keenan are NPR-listenin', latte-sippin', blue-state liberals, and Heather and Jim are NRA-cardholdin' truck-drivin' red-state conservatives.  They might never have met if an error at the fertility clinic hadn't led to Madelyn's embryo being accidentally implanted in Heather's uterus.  Now the four of them face spending nine months as the awkwardest of families, trying to find a way to bring this child into the world without killing one another first.

Dear Galileo

Thursday, October 8 at 7pm

by Claire Willett

A little girl with big questions about the universe writes a letter in her diary to a long-dead scientist. So begins a dialogue that bridges faith and science, wonder and doubt, present and past, as three very different women in three different eras grapple with the legacies of their famous fathers. As the three stories move towards a point of convergence, each family’s destiny becomes inextricably bound with the others, linked across time by love, loss, hope, the search for identity and the mysteries of the stars.