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Playwrights' Week 2018

Playwrights' Week 2018

with plays by Erin Buckley, Franky D. Gonzalez, Stacey Rose, Charly Evon Simpson, and Juliany Taveras

Join us for these five readings of new plays-in-progress selected through The Lark's Open Access Program! Now in it's 25th year, Playwrights' Week is an annual festival of new plays designed to foster community and discovery for the writers, collaborators, and audiences. This year's plays were chosen from a pool of over 1,200 scripts! Each new play will receive twelve hours of rehearsal in advance of a public staged reading, focused on the writer's self-stated goals. RSVP today and be part of the process!


Monday, November 5th @ 8pm​
A Dramatists Play Service, Inc. Sponsored Event


Moderated by Andrea Hiebler and Krista Williams

A panel conversation with the playwrights, featuring excerpts from each play, read by the playwrights themselves.

Tuesday, November 6th @2pm


by Juliany Taveras

As kids growing up in New York City, Nelly, Alaida, and Sol spent hot summer days daring, dancing, and documenting their way across boroughs, rivers, and storefronts. Ten years later, time has seemed to warp everything, from their once-indestructible friendship to the landscape of the streets they used to call home. Desarrollo is an unraveling—a discovery—of what happens to the people and places we love when put under pressure; like film developing in the dark, their stories are ones of transformation, of capturing moments that change us.

Tuesday, November 6th @8pm

form of a girl unknown

by Charly Evon Simpson

Amali is a 12-year-old girl who is finds herself on the edge of womanhood and is having trouble navigating her new world. Her mom's always busy, her sister is about to have a baby of her own, her old best friend Marina ditched her, but her new best friend Finn is always there to listen—until he can't take it anymore. Her fascination with her changing body is one thing, but her fascination with the story of siblings killed in the woods is another thing entirely.

Thursday, November 8th @8pm


by Stacey Rose

As Is, is the story of four Big Beautiful Black Women living the everyday struggle of trying to lose a few pounds and navigating their Big Black Womeness in the confined spaces of their lives. D. Everette has found her stride as a college professor. Antonia seems to have stumbled upon the perfect manifestation of Black love. Beverly, has her children and her grief. It is young Camille who threatens to unravel the four way friendship with her inability to, find and relegate herself to, a confined space of her own.

Friday, November 9th @2pm


by Erin Buckley

In an austere future that feels a little like the past and a little like the present, a mother and daughter manage their multiple spouses.

Friday, November 9th @8pm


by Franky D. Gonzalez

An examination of the inmates within a system trying to discover meaning, in the face of isolation and doubt in one's own worth, over a 25 year bid. The play explores familial ties, love, race, religion, inmate-correctional officer relations, the passing of time, and the succeeding generation of individuals who deal with the challenges of trying to avoid a life of crime, or resigning oneself to becoming a part of the system that swept up previous generations.  

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