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Playwrights' Workshop 2014

Playwrights' Workshop 2014


by Rogelio Martinez

In 1988 Bruce Springsteen played a legendary concert in East Germany and 300,000 people showed up. In Nice to be in East Berlin, Martinez explores a great historical and cultural shift by looking at the lives of those who succeed and those who fail when the end of the cold war backs up against the force of American rock.


by christopher oscar peña

Denia arrives in Chicago from far away, looking to create a place for herself in this unfamiliar land. Monique has never left Chicago but is feeling more and more like a stranger in her own home. A chance encounter between them transforms their lives forever in this lyrical and arresting new play about identity and perception.


by Corinna Schulenburg

After an environmental accident leads to a young man’s death in New Orleans, activist Rebekah and her daughter Tanyah find unlikely allies in a platform worker’s daughter and a petrochemical company’s crisis manager. As Rebekah uncovers where the culpability for the accident lies, Tanyah’s protest movement spirals out of control. Lightning Walks is a play about environmental justice, the legacies of place, and the combustible nature of protest and power.

tokyo fish story

by Kimber Lee

In a declining Tokyo neighborhood, down a dingy side street, Sushi Koji restaurant stands stubbornly resisting the passage of time. Master chef Koji runs his kitchen as he has for 30 years, along with his son Takashi. And then a woman in a blue moon dress appears, upsetting the routine, and change follows on her heels as she sweeps into their lives on a breeze from the sea.