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Rita Goldberg Playwrights' Workshop Reading Series 2017

Rita Goldberg Playwrights' Workshop Reading Series 2017

Featuring plays by Sam Chanse, Rehana Lew Mirza, Jen Silverman, and Anna Ziegler

The Rita Goldberg Playwrights' Workshop Program is an annual residency program that gathers four to five playwright fellows at various career stages, created and facilitated by Arthur Kopit. Goldberg Fellows meet throughout the year, sharing excerpts of new work in progress, read cold by a group of high caliber actors. The residency culminates in a reading series, where the writers are given the opportunity to present to the public a play they've been developing, as an extension of the workshop process.  We invite you to join us in hearing these works-in-progress, at this year's Rita Goldberg Playwrights' Workshop Reading Series!

This year's festival will include:

by Sam Chanse

May 9, 2017 at 7:30pm

​An embattled couple takes refuge in the desert, where they meet a young woman studying the impact of climate change on the endangered Joshua tree. With the world heating up and crises from the personal and political to the environmental and galactic, what does it mean to survive in the face of annihilation?

by Jen Silverman

May 15, 2017 at 7:30pm

An adaptation of the Jacobean play The Witch of Edmonton, Kind is a dark comedy about a woman, the devil, and shifting power in a changing world.

Commissioned by Writer's Theatre in Chicago.

by Anna Ziegler

May 22, 2017 at 3:00pm

Abe and Julia are high-profile celebrities embarking on a dangerously flirtatious correspondence, despite being married to other people. Esther and Yoni are shy young Orthodox Jews embarking on an arranged marriage. On the surface, the lives of these two couples couldn’t be more different. But Anna Ziegler’s funny, insightful new drama The Wanderers explores the hidden connections between seemingly disparate people while shining a light on the pains and triumphs of modern-day relationships.

by Rehana Lew Mirza

May 23, 2017 at 7:30pm

When unsure newbie comedienne Janie crashes and burns at an open mic night, fellow comedienne Lydia takes pity on her, and invites her to a female comedy meet-up group for support. But even as Lydia tries to mentor Janie (who struggles to find her footing both in the comedy world and the group), Lydia herself is faced with questions of self-doubt in a changing world. In the attempt to find out which bits are funny and which bits are just not, they also discover what's most valuable to them.

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