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Russia/United States Playwright Exchange 2017

Russia/United States Playwright Exchange 2017

with plays by Mikhail Durnenkov, Rinat Tashimov, and Yulia Tupikina

This residency brings Russian writers to the U.S. and American writers to Russia, during alternating seasons, to work on translations of their work both with a literal translator, and a playwright advisor from the host country.

The aim of this program is to increase the profile of Russian playwrights in the U.S. and, reciprocally, U.S. playwrights in Russia, while fostering respect and mutual understanding among playwrights and their collaborators. Through this program, we also hope to better understand circumstances and conditions in post-Soviet Russia and how they relate to our own. We want to create a replicable model for community engagement and free expression, grapple with the realities of censorship and self-censorship and represent a balance of U.S. and global perspectives through a more relevant and culturally inclusive theater repertoire.

This season, the festival takes place at The Lark and plays will include:

October 6th at 7pm

SHAITAN LAKE by Rinat Tashimov

Translated by Bela Shayevich
​Directed by Adam Knight
Playwright Advisor: A. Rey Pamatmat

Latifa lives in a small, sleepy, Siberia village, where people believe in otherworldly forces and do not believe in law. She has lost four sons, each falling one-by-one to stupid reasons. Only the fifth son still lives, but he too is threatened by a stupid reason.

Post reading Q&A moderated by Brian Dykstra

October 7th at 3pm

INHALE-EXHALE by Yulia Tupikina 

Translated by John J. Hanlon
Directed by Michele Minnick
Playwright Advisor: Nissy Aya

Masha lives with her mother and goes to school in a small seaside town, whose residents are infected with “patriotism”. The absence of tolerance leads to the persecution of a girl. In addition, Masha lives with an undivided love for her English teacher. This situation brings Masha closer to her mother and leads to radical changes in their lives.  

Post reading Q&A moderated by Mona Mansour

October 7th at 7pm

THE WAR HAS NOT YET STARTED by Mikhail Durnenkov

Translated by Ania Aizman 
Directed by Graham Schmidt
Playwright Advisor: Katie Baldwin Eng

The War Has Not Yet Started is a collection of short stories connected through various themes. With the everyday and the absurd, with comedy and with horror, all themes of modern life. The author sees the invisible presence of war—a war which the news states has “not yet started”.

Post reading Q&A moderated by Rajiv Joseph

This program is co-curated by: 

The Lubimovka Young Russian Playwrights Festival