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The Lark Timeline

Sunset Baby

by Dominique Morisseau

Directed by Lou Bellamy

Ashanti and Kenyatta met in the prime of their youth and at the pinnacle of their political consciousness. Beautiful, brave, and idealistic, they never imagined what would come of their Revolution: how it would be dismantled from the inside with drugs and conspiracy, how young intellectuals and activists would be brutalized in the streets, how the media would reduce them from caring community members to criminals. Three decades later, Kenyatta is searching for connection after being locked away in prison. During that time, the love of his life succumbed to a deadly combination of heartbreak and drugs. In the wake of so much loss and disappointment, one fire still burns – the light inside the child born of their passion – Nina. Will she be overcome by the ghosts of the past? Or, will she blaze a new trail, harnessing today’s revolutionary spirit?

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