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Maid of Radiance

By Justin Taylor

Set in the mysterious manor of a zillionaire recluse, Maid of Radiance is a modern American farce about power, submission, identity crisis and the “American dream.” Inspired by telenovelas and Molière’s farce The Bourgeois Gentleman (and somewhat The School of Wives), Maid of Radiance explores the relationship between a white-passing Latina maid, Yenny, and her rich, white, unseen boss, Virginie Boulanger, who grooms Yenny to play her in public via the mansion’s intercom system. Ambition, self-loathing, wigs, painting, lust, canned tuna and vengeance send Yenny ping-ponging between her true self and her “Virginie self” to an ultimate transcendence. Who is the real Virginie Boulanger? Perhaps only the handyman, DON, knows for sure.