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The Lark Timeline

Bhangin' It

by Mike Lew, Rehana Ledw Mirza, and Samuel Willmott

Drawn from the high-stakes world of intercollegiate bhangra (Indian folk dance) competitions, Bhangin’ It tells the story of a biracial (half-Indian) girl named Mary who gets kicked off her bhangra team for not being “Indian enough,” so she grabs her best friend Sunita and forms a rag-tag multicultural team of her own. The pluralism of the team is reflected in a fusion score that draws from traditional Punjabi bhangra, splashy Bollywood numbers, hip-hop, top 40, rap, Latin-American grooves… and a little disco thrown in for good measure. As Mary claws her way back up the bhangra food chain, her teammates’ individual talents and perspectives force her to re-examine what winning actually means.