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The Lark Timeline

People of the Moon

by Wade Kinley

Liaison Suzy Fay

PEOPLE ON THE MOON takes place in Northern Alabama in 1986, three years after the closing of the Sheffield Ford Plant that caused so much hardship to befall that area. Junior comes home after a long absence with ideas of selling the house he grew up in, and that Owen still lives in, in order to finance and new business idea he has going up in Nashville. When he returns home he finds his combative father deep in trouble with both sides of the law, a chance at a brand new start with a girl that reminds him too much of the last new start that broke his heart, and the haunting but welcome memory of his late mother that permeates the air back home. She tried her best to keep the home together while she lived and she does the same now from her new home on the moon, where she told a young Junior to look for her whenever he needed her. As Junior moves through dreams and memories and the harsh reality of the spent American dream, he learns that love and loyalty is the only path to redemption. The only question now is, loyalty to what? Himself, or something bigger?