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The Lark Timeline

The Late Greats

by Brittany K. Allen

"The Late Greats" follows a single mother, Geena, as she sets out on a dubious summer internship, having returned to school to complete her degree in music business after several year’s postponement.
Art is the boss at this dubious internship. He's a has-been folk singer, and enlists Geena’s unpaid services to serve as roadie-in-effect while he fulfills a season-long “musical residency” at Fat Pat’s, a fast food chain with locations off most highways striping east Texas. Geena initially looks up to Art, and is seduced by his charisma and troubadour spirit--but their not-quite-friendship is eventually complicated by questions of privilege, co-dependence, and fraught attraction. This is a play about cravings, Texas, bosses, that first bad love and rock n' roll. All that which is delicious, but may not fully sate us.