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The Lark Timeline

Wyoming, MN

by Conlan Carter

In the late night following his mother’s wedding, Jarod has gone missing—on purpose. As Eric returns to his hometown to search for his little brother, his girlfriend, Lydia, begins to suspect that Eric may have had something to do with Jarod’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Jarod meets Wesley—a closeted local—for a hookup in the park on one of the coldest nights of the year, but when Wesley worries that Jarod may have ulterior and self-destructive motivations for the night, he tries to stall for answers. As Eric and Lydia get closer to Forest Lake—the site of Jarod’s teenage suicide attempt—and Wesley and Jarod find a motel room, the brotherly heartache of the past rears its unavoidable head, and Jarod is nowhere to be found.